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Do Hair Vitamins Really Work?

Hair vitamins are supplements designed to improve the health of hair. They usually contain a combination of nutrients, minerals and vitamins that promote hair growth by enhancing the condition and...

Hair vitamins are supplements designed to improve the health of hair. They usually contain a combination of nutrients, minerals and vitamins that promote hair growth by enhancing the condition and strength. 

In the realm of self-care and beauty, the quest for long luscious locks or a full head of hair is one we all know too well. We’ve all tried various remedies with the hope of a transformational result. Hair vitamins have become promising in recent years, but do they really work?

Hair vitamins do work for hair growth because they tackle nutrient deficiencies and are designed to provide your body with the ingredients it needs for healthy, strong and vibrant hair. They’re a game-changer for anyone with brittle, dry, or thinning hair, as they boost growth, improve texture and increase confidence. 

Hair vitamins strengthen hair growth and prevent hair loss because of their nutritious ingredients like protein, zinc, iron, biotin and more. According to the study by Ablon Glynis in “A Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Study Evaluating the Efficacy of an Oral Supplement in Women with Self-perceived Thinning Hair”, the people who took oral protein supplements experienced less hair shedding and an increase in hair.

do hair vitamins work

From understanding the science behind the ingredients to their benefits and the ways they work, we’ll dive into the world of hair vitamins and discover why they’re the key to healthy hair.

Let’s get into it.

What are hair vitamins? 

Hair vitamins, or hair supplements, are dietary supplements specifically formulated to enhance hair health. Packed with a blend of vital ingredients to target our locks, the vitamins blend minerals and nutrients that contribute to a full head of hair by stimulating growth. 

Hair vitamins fill in for deficiencies that may hinder hair growth and replenish your hair with specific nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Vitamins add vital ingredients to your diet that will contribute to healthy growing conditions and nourish and strengthen your hair.

The goal of hair vitamins is to provide the body with building blocks for strong and vibrant hair. Working to improve the overall health of hair by addressing the factors needed for optimum results, hair vitamins have worked effectively on many people and created a head of healthy hair they’re proud of. 

Overall efficiency of hair vitamins and supplements

In the quest to achieve healthier and longer hair, hair vitamins are packed with promises that are hard to resist. Various tests and studies take place to test the efficiency of hair vitamins, and their results add to the value of the products and their positive impact on hair growth. 

The study “Diet and hair loss: effects of nutrient deficiency and supplement use” explored the efficiency of supplements containing vitamins C, E, and zinc on hair density and growth in both males and females experiencing hair loss. The results showed increased hair density among the participants who consumed the supplements, suggesting their beneficial impact.

Furthermore, according to the study “A Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Study Evaluating the Efficacy of an Oral Supplement in Women with Self-perceived Thinning Hair” by Albon Glynis, who used a supplement containing vitamin C, natural orange flavour, magnesium stearate, hypromellose, and glycerol, there were improvements in hair volume, scalp coverage and thickness of hair body after 90 days. 

science behind hair vitamins efficiency

The overall efficiency of hair vitamins depends on their ability to support healthy hair growth by providing essential nutrients to your diet. You can take steps to find the right supplement for you that’ll enrich your body with critical nutrients. How long this takes to work depends on several factors. 

How long do hair vitamins take to work?

Generally, it takes 1-5 years for hair vitamins to work, according to medical author Rohini Radhakrishnan. She states that hair vitamins don’t work overnight and that patience is vital. Several factors, like genetics or nutrient deficiencies, depend on the time it takes for hair vitamins to work. 

Understanding that individuals’ responses can vary due to factors like overall health, existing nutrient levels, and genes is also critical. Some people might witness quicker results; others might experience more gradual hair growth. 

Do these vitamins work for hair growth?

Yes, hair vitamins work for hair growth. However, their effectiveness can vary depending on the specific product, the nutrients included or personal factors. 


Various studies indicate that hair vitamins can promote hair growth by adding key nutrients to a person’s diet. Essential vitamins like vitamin D and biotin play important roles in this process. Vitamin D maintains follicle health, creating a healthy environment for hair growth, and biotin influences keratin production and cell proliferation, which elongates and thickens the hair.

The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology highlights the significance of personalised responses. People with nutrient gaps supplemented with required vitamins experienced fast hair growth over three to six months. In contrast, individuals with well-balanced nutrient levels might notice quicker subtle improvements.

Do these vitamins work for avoiding hair shedding?

Hair shedding is a common concern that affects many people’s self-confidence. Generally, it’s normal to shed between 50-100 hairs a day, but excessive amounts can be distressing. Hair vitamins can help reduce shedding, depending on the cause, because they target nutrient deficiencies and promote hair follicle health. 

Hair vitamins with biotin, zinc, iron, and vitamins (such as B-complex vitamins) help with healthy hair growth and will help to avoid shedding. Vitamin E and A also help to support the structural components of your hair, helping with shedding and reducing breakage and hair loss. 

Do vitamins work for thinning hair?

According to the “Investigation of Diffuse Hair Fall Case Due to Vitamin D Deficiency”, vitamin D supplements are said to reduce the effects of hair shedding and loss. A person with low vitamin D may be subject to a poor hair growth cycle, leading to bald spots or hair thinning. 

The study occurred over three months and involved a 45-year-old woman diagnosed with diffuse hair loss taking 1000 IU (international unit) of vitamin D daily. At the end of the period, the woman’s scalp was healthier, and hair growth was activated. The woman’s nutrient and vitamin levels returned to normal, and her shedding decreased. 

The study suggests that you could see results with vitamin D after three months of use if you suffer from hair shedding or thinning. However, remember that this can vary from person to person depending on personal factors, genetics or lifestyle. 

Do these vitamins work for hair beauty?

Hair vitamins can work wonders for hair beauty, as they’re designed to improve its overall health and condition. We often associate hair beauty with hair health, precisely what vitamins and supplements aim to provide. 

Let’s take a look at some ways vitamins can improve hair beauty:

  • Improved shine and texture. Hair vitamins lead to shinier hair with an improved texture because of the effective combination of minerals and vitamins that support keratin production.
  • Improved volume and fullness. Hair vitamins will create a healthier scalp, leading to enhanced fullness and volume of your hair. Certain ingredients promote blood circulation, nourishing hair follicles and producing better-quality hair. 
  • Grey hair prevention. Your hair will remain vibrant for longer and retain its colour because of the antioxidants in vitamins that prevent it from oxidative stress that fades the colour. 
  • Reduced breakage. Hair vitamins improve the health of your overall hair, reducing breakage. The structural integrity of your hair will improve and split ends will decrease. 

People who consistently use hair vitamins are reported to have improved hair texture, shine, and volume. The timeline for the results to be visible varies, but consistent use will lead to a more significant impact. 

Do these vitamins work for making hair softer?

Hair vitamins improve your hair’s general health and condition, making it softer. The supplements support the texture of your hair and aim to increase moisture levels, nourish your scalp and strengthen the strands. 

Hair vitamins, specifically focusing on fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6, help hydrate a person’s hair, leading to more manageable, soft hair. Frizziness is caused by dryness, so by promoting scalp hydration, your hair will feel softer. 

Biotin, amino acids and B-complex vitamins strengthen your hair and reduce breakage, adding to the general condition of your hair’s softness. Vitamins C, A and E enhance the quality of your hair and create a luxuriously soft appearance and feel. 

Do these vitamins work for strengthening your hair?

Hair vitamins support the structural integrity of your hair and keep your strands feeling and looking strong. For strong hair with less damage and breakage, hair vitamins will help you maintain a healthy head of hair with optimum growing conditions. 

Hair vitamins that encourage protein production are especially effective for strengthening your hair. Supplements containing biotin promote keratin production, the protein hair is composed of, and lead to stronger strands. Nutrients like iron, zinc, vitamins A and C are essential for maintaining strong, nourished, healthy hair. 

The timeline for getting stronger hair is based on individuals’ reactions to nutrients. However, consistency over 3 to 6 months typically bore stronger and thicker hair. 

Hair vitamins and supplements that will work for you

With so many options of hair vitamins and supplements available today, it can be hard to know the best one for you. Depending on your hair goals, any nutrients you may be lacking and the current condition of your hair, different supplements may work better for you. 

For transformative results, here are some factors to consider:

  • Your hair goals. Whether you want longer, thicker or shinier hair, identify your goals; this will help you find the most suitable supplement. 
  • Consult a professional. A dermatologist or nutritionist will help you understand your circumstances and advise you on the best vitamins for effective results. 
  • Keep allergies in mind. If you have any allergies or sensitivities, keep them in mind and read the supplements’ ingredients. 
  • Pick your type. Hair vitamins and supplements come in the form of gummies, tablets, liquids and powder, so pick the one you feel the most comfortable with. 
  • Read reviews or ask for recommendations. Ask around or read reviews of particular hair vitamins or supplements. This will give you an insight into how they’ve worked for other people and the results others have achieved. 

By considering your unique health requirements, goals and the results you want to achieve, you’ll find the right vitamins to provide efficient results. 

Bloommies is a high-quality hair vitamin company renowned for its high-quality standards. They work in cooperation with health and beauty experts with exceptional dedication to improving the health and condition of your hair. The vitamins help to maintain shiny hair, with the additional benefit of radiant skin.   

Bloommies gummies combine high-dose biotin, essential nutrients like zinc, vitamins and minerals to achieve optimum results for your hair’s condition and visual appearance. 

Let’s take a look at the ways Bloommies supplements will transform the health of your hair:

  • Healthier hair. Bloommies hair vitamins are packed with biotin and essential nutrients to enhance hair health and stimulate growth.
  • Fuller hair. The vitamins are enriched with vital nutrients to transform your head of hair into thick and full, luscious locks.
  • Reduced shedding. Biotin deficiencies can cause shedding. Bloommies vitamins help with keratin production, helping your hair grow. 
  • Improved hair texture. Supplements will promote a healthy scalp, improving hair texture. Hair will become less frizzy and prone to breakage.
  • Softer, shinier hair. Bloommies supplements nourish the scalp, making hair incredibly soft with a natural shine. 
  • Reduced hair loss. The supplements reduce hair loss by strengthening hair.
  • Healthier skin and nails. Bloommies products promote healthy skin and nails alongside hair benefits. 

Bloommies are well-known for their effective hair vitamins that promote healthy hair and glowing skin. If you want to feel the benefits of a healthy, shiny, soft and strong head of hair, Bloommies dedicates their products towards providing you with exceptional progress and results. 

When can hair vitamins be ineffective? 

Alongside the many benefits of hair vitamins are some instances where they may be ineffective. Success is not necessarily guaranteed, depending on your needs. If you have hair-related concerns, like hair thinning or loss, it’s essential to consider that different treatments may be more beneficial.

Here are some of the instances where hair vitamins can be ineffective:

  • Underlying health conditions. Hormonal imbalances and autoimmune diseases can cause hair loss. In this case, hair vitamins might not be adequate and you’ll need to identify the condition and seek effective treatment. 
  • Specific nutrient deficiencies. In some instances, nutrient deficiencies lead to hair loss. However, if you’re experiencing symptoms of nutrient deficiencies like bleeding gums, you should talk to your doctor about the next steps. 
  • Genetic factors. Genetic factors can contribute to hair loss or shedding. Male pattern baldness is caused by genetics and hair vitamins may be ineffective in treating it. 
  • Inadequate use. If you’re inconsistent or take hair vitamins sporadically, they won’t work the same. 

Everyone’s situation is different, and hair vitamins may not work for all cases. By recognising and understanding the root causes of hair loss, thinning and shedding, you can achieve excellent results by finding the solution tailored to your needs. 

Hair supplements to avoid

Despite the success of hair vitamins and their many benefits, some hair supplements have caused conflict. It’s essential to be cautious about products that may be harmful and ineffective. Some supplements have faced controversy due to the adverse effects they’ve caused. 

Here are some hair supplements to avoid:

  • Excessive biotin. While biotin has many hair growth benefits, it’s been reported that too much of it can affect thyroid and heart function tests. According to “How Biotin Induces Misleading Results in Thyroid Bioassays: Case Series”, patients taking too much biotin experienced misleading increases in thyroid function. 
  • High levels of selenium. According to the study “Diet and hair loss: effects of nutrient deficiency and supplement use”, “selenium toxicity from nutritional supplementation is well documented. This toxicity can lead to hair loss, blistering skin lesions, gastrointestinal symptoms and memory difficulties.”
  • Additives and fillers. Make sure to check the ingredients to steer clear of any extra additives or fillers, especially if you have any allergies.

It’s important to be cautious when finding the right hair vitamins and supplements. Hair vitamins provide many benefits, but it’s essential to research before you begin your journey. Before you begin, consult a professional to avoid excessive doses and products with additives and fillers.  


How to start using hair vitamins or supplements

If you’re considering taking hair vitamins, taking proper steps to cover all bases is essential. 

Here are some factors to consider before you start:

  • Research thoroughly: With so many options available, it’s essential to investigate legitimate brands and products supported by scientific proof. Bloommies are manufactured depending on high-quality standards and EU regulations in cooperation with beauty and health experts.
  • Start browsing: You can buy hair vitamins online, in pharmacies, healthcare shops and supermarkets. 
  • Consult a professional: Talk to a professional about your circumstances, and they can direct you towards the best option to achieve optimum results. You may be struggling with hair loss due to an autoimmune disease. Hair vitamins may be ineffective in that case, so talk to the professional about your options. 
  • Identify nutrient deficiencies: If you have symptoms, consider asking your doctors for a blood assessment to identify the area of concern. 

Once you’ve identified your needs, you can begin your journey of healthy, shiny and luscious hair. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to start using hair vitamins:

  1. Opt for quality: Based on your goals and professional recommendations, look for high-quality vitamins, like Bloommies, that will meet your needs and fulfil any deficiencies. Look for biotin, vitamins and minerals in the ingredients that encourage hair growth. 
  2. Be consistent: Consistency is the key to successful hair growth results. Incorporate the supplement into your routine and you’ll see results quicker. 
  3. Lead a healthy lifestyle: Remember that supplements should add to an already healthy diet. Maintain a balanced eating regimen, stay hydrated, and care for your hair in other ways, like hair masks or hydrating treatments.
  4. Track your progress: Keep track of the process to see how well the hair vitamin works for you. Take pictures for comparison or note in a journal on the condition of your hair.

You won’t look back once you embark on your hair vitamin journey and quest for a healthy head of hair. Speak to a professional to determine your deficiencies and find the vitamin that will provide the best results. Be consistent and create a healthy routine; before you know it, you’ll see results. 


Hair growth may seem like a long, never-ending journey, but that’s where hair vitamins come in. Designed to enhance your locks by promoting hair growth, increasing smoothness and shine and creating a healthy hair environment, hair vitamins are packed with minerals and nutrients to speed up the process and boost your confidence. 

Various studies have highlighted the benefits of hair vitamins, like increased hair growth, reduced hair shedding and texture enhancement, providing strong evidence that hair vitamins do work.   

Bloommies hair vitamins are made with minerals, nutrients and biotin to help you achieve radiant skin and luxurious hair. Be consistent and patient and take them with a healthy, balanced, nutrient-rich diet. Track your progress to see how far you’ve come and you’ll see the results of a full head of hair in no time.


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